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    ‘Here are the stories from Milan 08 that were most popular during April:’…….I think ‘popular’ is the wrong word here….’contentious’ might be the right term… or rabble rousing?….provocative? etc etc

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    Wow. Tumblr must have some pretty sick employees. For these services to take off, there will have to be some coverage involved, if not outright insurance at least with the ability to use ones hsa. Otherwise, it’s not going to happen to scale.

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    Having the time this morning to really admire these photographs, I was very emotionally moved–having been on this writing journey with you and Dee for the last couple of years–I can’t imagine how emotional and wonderful the trip must have been for you all…Thanks so much for sharing. Btw, the Saint Laurence Gate is just as I pictured it from the memoir!

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    Don't forget, folks. Mike Zullo has found out that the Mafia sold BCs to the Japanese people. What does this tell us? How many people in Hawaii, the precious state, are really NBCs? This may also give way to understanding their attitude towards an NBC. They probably do think that it's not really important to them.

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    sazzyok – I haven’t watched the olympics in I don’t know how long but you’re making me turn on Channel 11 right now….pretty exciting living vicariously thru your adventures!and just a side note…I knew you were up way too late the night before you left!

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    I like green tea and cookies, these sound good to me! The almonds too. I like how vibrant they are. Gonna have to try these, x-mas is right around the corner when I turn my house into cookie central!-Gina-

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    Maida Heatter's cookbook was among the first cookbooks I ever bought. It still holds pride of place on my shelves and I can personally attest to how delicious this coffee cake is. As much as I adore Ina, MH will always remain one of the greats.

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    Oh congrats, just read yesterday's post too! I promise with the second you always have a bump sooner. I wasn't even 10 week and needed to bust out the maternity clothes with number too. Any bump is beautiful! COngrats

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    I agree with glaciered that it can negatively effect your social life as you become inconsistent. The friends you make through a certain hobby will have a difficult time relating to you, and you relating to them, once you move on to your next. I say this because I too exhibit similar traits and have struggled to manage the tendency. How do you deal with/manage this?

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    Ei nyt ihan suoraan kukaan noista. 1 tai 2. Ja tosiaan: ei tarvitse olla treenattu vartalo, mutta haluan, että mies on mies. Eli tykkään isommista, ei mistään kukkakepeistä (en tosin mistään pullapojistakaan…) ja saa olla vähän ”rouheammista osista” tehty tapaus Tosin, kun on itse pieni niin harvemmin kukaan mies on pienempi…

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    I dont think i have ever tried tapenade before, but absolutely love olives! And i can totally understand how hard it is to work with a certain food with dull colours. But you did a good job with these!

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    Hola guapa, me he enterado ahora mismito del sorteo y no puedo resistirme a ese pack de cortadores de cupcakes…creo que ha sido un flechazo…los quieeeeroooo!!! Bueno en mi tierra Catalunya lo más tradicional es la coca de llardons, exquisita!!! Saludos hada Joana

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    No problem JoCoSAR this is fun for me too. I should have done the new page last night late because now people still on page 4 have not seen my comment until they “refresh” the page, yet so they are posting away. It’ll work out soon.

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    OMG.You did NOT.You did not let me know that was coming.I just busted out laughing and peed my pants. Just a bit but OH MY GOD.Are you going to go like that??YOU WILL BE THE HIT.Alexandra recently posted..

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    Ninguém segura Ross Brawn! Lembro de umas piadinhas que fizeram em 2008 quando Ross aceitou o desafio de assumir a Honda. Na primeira corrida sob nova direção, aconteceu um erro de estratégia. Pronto, já foi o suficiente para descer a lenha no cara. E eu comentava: 'vocês não perdem por esperar.'

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    Oh my, and you haven't featured THE robot video, taking over the world through robotic love, "Technocolor Dream" by BenRobot. Such a shame, really.

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    “Lesbian Bed Death” I have no idea if there is a significant difference between sexual satisfaction or number of sexual encounters or anything like that in lesbian long term relationships compared to heterosexual or gay male relationships. The presumption of “bed death” has always seemed to me more about perpetuation of the stereotype of women not liking/wanting sex more than anything else, and that is bullshit.

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    Amazing job w/ the piano & I must say there’s just something about your voice that made me smile…because I can tell that you’re enjoying yourself by the way you sing.

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    I’ve had pretty good experiences with Nina. I love Mossy Britches and Velvet Seas is beautiful, I adore Never Glum Plum – and I think I have two others that I haven’t posted about yet. None of them had any wear problems for me – but I know things like that are different for different people. Maybe it’s because it was a neon? I have no idea

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    There is a site – name’s escaping me now, but she gives 5 min challenges and they are great! One was set the timer for 5min and wipe down the light switches in your house. Grubby fingers etc… Ugh, I need to remember her site name. Great tips..

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    Let me first extend my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. The lossmust be very difficult for you as you face these first numbing days ofgrief. Though I knew your son when he was a student at Adams-Friendship Middle School. His sense of humor and friendliness were two things that I always admired about Zach. Our school district is filled with people who care about you and are thinking about you in your sorrow. With Heartfelt Condolences Derek Curless

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    I will be spending most of the day (as much of it as my mother allows) locked up in my room ignoring all the people. I'm a true introvert, and don't much care for a lot of my family anyway. So. I will be anti-social. Which is all to say that, in my opinion, you're not missing out on anything important.

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    Permettez moi de reprendre : avec 1/10 on voit infiniment mieux qu’avec 0/10 ! En effet, on perçoit très bien les lumières, les formes/contour des objet, même certaines lettres… Par exemple, une personne ayant 1/10 binoculaire est capable d’aller chercher seul son pain à pied, ou de cuisiner seule chez elle. Au deça (jusqu’à 1/20) la vie quotidienne devient très difficile, et demande souvent une aide extérieure.

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    Gorgeous card Bev, I know it will be loved! Fab colors and papers and of course that image is super sweet too. Love the rose details and that sentiment. 🙂

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    It sounds fantastic. I had a night in with Steve, his daughter and her fiance, eating pizza and watching Toy Story 3. Oh and Steve's oven caught fire a when a wayward loaf of garlic bread went up in flames. Just a normal Saturday night in… xx

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    Al fin!!!ya algo de este juego!!desde que lo mencionaste la primera vez me emociono bastante (mas que nada porque me fascinan este tipo de tramas) pero nada mas nada ¬¬UMe alegra que no olviden este juego que se ve prometedor (no como Insane que ya valió queso x.x)

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    SPC, ride the subway. If you dare.Must be really galling to have 'sorces' revealed to be nonsense. All that careful beleeverating, the Very Serious demeanor, and the repetition of Gooberish…all destroyed by a wee old lass. Who merely pointed out the blatantly obvious. Keep trying so desperately for a 'they does it too' excuse. It's charming in a small child way.Ride the subway. Or, if you are too wite scared…be at the station. Stay miffed!Mold

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    Oh my gosh Rosa, this post really touched me in a BIG WAY ……. nothing more to say except thanks for posting and I absolutely love the picture of the bird. I love that you took your risk because I wouldn’t have ever met you. …………….. And still counting? Is there something we need to know about you missy???

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    You were Nicole? I was Colette. I still am sometimes in my dreams.Some days I want to pick up and GO and other days I wouldn’t even leave the house for a week, if I could get away with it. It sounds to me like you’ve got a great combo going. Congrats!

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